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The Biz Connection is a weekly radio show aimed at the business community. Owners of businesses, large and small and at all stages of their business life are guests on our show.

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TRG Marketing

March 17-19 - Our guests on this week's Biz Connection Radio Show are CEO and Founder Chad Ritterbusch and Social Media Expert Jacob Werre of TRG Marketing.

Chad and Jacob share tips on how to recruit and retain top talent in today's highly competitive workforce pool. They also discuss ways to stay on the cutting edge when marketing your business to targeted audiences in the 21st century.

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Show Times & Stations

1420AM WJUB - Plymouth
Saturday 8:00AM

1170AM WFDL - Fond du Lac
Saturday 8:10AM

1330AM WHBL - Sheboygan
Saturday 1:00PM

1340 WJYI AM & 98.7 FM - Milwaukee
Sunday 2:00PM

WQYL-DB Digital Radio - Waukesha
Monday 11:00AM



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