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The Biz Connection Radio Show

Broadcasting Live from Plymouth, Wisconsin

Show Archive

November 12 & 13 — Shae McNamara of Diamond State of MindShae shares how his time as an Australian athlete inspired him to start his own company Diamond State Of Mind. Drawing on his experiences as a peak performance peak coach, Shae
discusses how to improve your ability to perform at your highest level.

November 5 & 6 — Fay Uraynar of Innovative Solutions for Business. Fay is a Certified Public Accountant and owner of her own accounting practice, Innovative Solutions for Business. She tells about her business background and gives advice on how you can make your business grow by paying attention to metrics contained in your financial statements.

October 29 & 30 — Katrina Cravy, former Milwaukee Channel 6 news reporter Katrina Cravy. Katrina discusses her new book -
On Air: Insider Secrets to Attract the Media and Get Free Publicity. Find more information at

October 22 & 23 — Dustin Turicik of IQ Web Media. Dustin tells us how his entrepreneurial family has helped him start and grow his business. He also passes along some great marketing advice.

October 15 & 16 — June Cleveringa of Midstar Printing & Marketing.
June was a vendor for Midstar Printing for many years. She recently purchased the business. She talks about her entrepreneurial background and why she decided to purchase Midstar.

October 8 & 9 — Tom McCormick and Frank Pearce of Exit Realty Horizons. Tom discusses why he selected an Exit Realty franchise over all the others. He describes the niche that Exit has that makes it unique. Frank explains why he wanted to work for an Exit Realty franchise owner.

October 8 & 9 — Tom McCormick and Frank Pearce of Exit Realty Horizons
Tom discusses why he selected an Exit Realty franchise over all the others. He describes the niche that Exit has that makes it unique. Frank explains why he wanted to work for an Exit Realty franchise owner.

September 24 & 25 — Randy Bella of Bella's Custom Design.
We discuss Randy's journey in building Bella’s Custom Design Inc., which start with his parents over 30 years ago and how Randy completely changed his business model in order to survive and prosper.

September 17 & 18 — Chuck Harris of Credit Matters.
Chuck tells us about his business and how credit and funding help entrepreneurs start their business and make it grow. 

September 3 & 4 AND September 10 & 11 — Lt. Governor of Wisconsin Rebecca Kleefisch
The Lieutenant Governor will touch on multiple aspects of business in Wisconsin including the 2016 Business Summit to be held in Appleton on September 19.

August 27 & 28 — Darryl Ingram (former Green Bay Packer) of Video Score. Ingram was a tight end for the Green Bay Packers. In addition to telling us about his transition to life after football, Darryl talks about what he has learned about starting and growing his own business, VideoScore. You will want to tune in and hear Darryl's inspirational and motivational story!

August 20 &21 — Lisa Mills of Regus - Workspaces for Everyone. Lisa shares information about how to have an office in over 3000 cities worldwide.

August 13 & 14 — Margaret Wittkopp and Jeremy Burri of Veritas Financal Services

July 23 & 24 — Dan Sem, PHD, MBA, JD – Dean and Professor of Business at Concordia University. Dan tells us about his experience in building his own Bio-Tech business and does a deep dive into many of the exciting business/entrepreneurial educational opportunities that are available at Concordia University in Mequon.

July 30 & 31 — Dan Sem, PHD, MBA, JD – Dean and Professor of Business; Suzie Siegle, Dean of CU Launch at Concordia University & Colin Murdy, CU Launch Winner at Concordia. We talk with Dan Sem and Suzie Siegle about an exciting opportunity at Concordia University to participate in a new program called CU Launch where students start a business, get funding, and learn to market as part of Concordia’s entrepreneurial degree.  Colin Murdy, the winner of this year’s CU Launch, tells us what winning CU Launch has meant to his business and his future as an entrepreneur. He also introduces us to his exciting new product!

August 6 & 7 — Barb Brinkmann of Barb's Interior Design, Winner of the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award. Barb talks about challenges she faced starting up her business, the role SCORE played in her start-up and the challenge she faced in reaching all the goals it took to receive the BBB’s Torch Award. She will be joined by outgoing BBB Executive Director Ran Hoth and incoming Executive Director Jim Temmer.

July 16 & 17 — Wayne Breitbarth of Power Formula. Wayne is an expert on LinkedIn and talks about his new book and how it can help entrepreneurs use LinkedIn more effectively to market themselves and their business.

July 9 & 10 — Jason Eiring of Complete Water. Jason tells us about his journey in purchasing Complete Water Inc., with no prior knowledge or experience in the water business and how he has built his business to now include an automated car wash.

July 2 & 3 — Andy Richardson of Free Speakers and Ginny Richardson Public Relations. Andy was joined by Robert Krieghoff of Principal Financial Group. Andy Richardson owns GRPR, a public relations firm in Chicago with his mother Ginny. They are now expanding to other cities like Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Minneapolis etc.

Rob Krieghoff, a Financial Planner with Principal Financial Group shares how he uses free speaking engagements as a marketing and public relations tool in his business.

Andy illustrates how volunteering one’s gift of public speaking pro bono through a site like can open the door for new business relationships. The speakers are not doing a “sales pitch” for their products or services but actually sharing valuable and informative content to groups or organizations. This positions the speaker as having expertise they are willing to share free of charge, thus making people more prone to know, like, and trust them.

June 25 & 26 — Mansoor Mirza of Medshoola. Mansoor has invented The Medshoola™ Compression Pump, a life-saving device which prevents blood clots. We discuss how he is building his business around that invention.

June 18 & 19 — Brian Versey of Magikist. Brian tells us how he has built his rug cleaning business and how volunteer work for various charities has helped him network and build his business.

June 11 & 12 — Kat Ramirez of Adbidtise. Kat discusses how she has used her experience to build her business to help small business owners get the most from their limited advertising and marketing budget.

June 4 & 5 — Matt Meuleners of Focus Training.
Matt tells us how he and his partners started their business and talks about the ups and downs and how the business has grown and changed through the years.

May 28 & 29 — Larry Folz of Industrial Battery Service. Larry explains how and why he started his business and talks about the need for extending the life of large, industrial batteries.

May 21 & 22 — Jeff Schulz of Brightside Home Care. Jeff talks about his background in the medical field and how he became owner of Brightside Home Care. He also discusses the home health care industry and how he markets and manages his business.

May 14 & 15 —Russ Rymut of NOBO.
NOBO is a business startup which is in the prototype phase.  Their product is B60, a wearable device which measures body hydration.  Russ discusses the patent process and his 4-year journey to bring NOBO and B60 to market.

May 7 & 8 — Matt & Michelle Mielke of Life Leadership.

April 30 & May 1 — Angie Gordon of Gathered & Sown. Angie tells us how she built a home-based business using the popular Etsy platform as well as her own website.

April 23 & 24 — Mike Hetzel of Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative (WWBIC).

April 16 & 17 — Dave Wears & Sharon Hulce of Employment Resource Group.

April 9 & 10 — Daniel Otte of Firefly Arial Photography Service.

April 2 & 3 — David Nennig of Harbor Lights.

March 26 & 27 — Colin Murdy, Suzanne Siegle and Daniel Sem of Concordia University.

March 19 & 20 — Todd Neils and John Mueller of Bank First National. Todd and John explain Small Business lending and the requirements to successfully secure a loan to start or expand your business.

March 12 & 13 — Daniel Sem, PHD, MBA, JD of Concordia University.

March 5 & 6— Frank Demarest Jr., Deputy District Director/Veterans Representative and Eric Ness, District Director of Small Business Association (SBA). Frank will share information regarding Boots to Business, a veterans entrepreneurship boot camp program and Eric will talk about the Emerging Leaders program.

February 27 & 28 — Eric Trempe of U-Charters. Eric tells us how his passion for fishing helped him create a unique fishing lure that has turned into his business.

February 20 & 21 — Scott Grunert of Bumps Grill & Tavern. Scott tells us how he got started in the tavern and food business and what he does to grow and sustain his business.

February 13 & 14 — Jeff Johnson of Equil Consulting.
Jeff discusses his journey from working for a large consulting firm to his own consulting practice and some of the methods he uses to help businesses grow and change.

February 6 & 7 — Harry Ein of Perfection Promo. Harry Ein has generated over a million in sales for 10 consecutive years and Perfection Promo is one of the fastest growing promotional product companies in the country. In addition to providing his customers with the most innovative products at the best prices, the key to Ein’s success as a sales professional and business owner is his dedication to providing the best and most diligent customer service in his industry. Harry gives us top tips for earning client loyalty in sales and in business.

January 30 & 31 — Megan Lynch of Sublime Designs Media. Sublime Designs Media is a Los Angeles based marketing agency that specializes in creating and implementing branding and marketing strategies. Since opening its doors in 2002, Sublime has grown from a one-woman consulting company led by marketing and branding expert Megan Lynch to an international firm. Clients have ranged from small start-ups and non-profits to large organizations and international corporations. Megan talks about everything you need to know about branding (or rebranding) your business.

January 23 & 24 — Kevin Hansen of Molly’s Cobbler Shop. Kevin tells us how he is making it in the business of shoe repair. Cobbler shops were very common many years ago. Today there are very few left in the state of Wisconsin. Kevin tells us how he has built and sustained this very unique business!

January 16 & 17 — Kevin Loose, Custom Craft Trophy. We talk with Kevin about his journey into business and how he has grown and matured Custom Craft Trophy which also recently includes the expansion to a new location.

January 9 & 10 — Steven Dinehart of Moola Pitch. Steve tells how crowdfunding works and how to use it to raise funds for your business.

December 19 & 20 — Margaret Wittkopp & Jeremy Burri of Veritas Financial Services. Margaret & Jeremy discuss investment strategies and tax tips for 2015!

December 5 & 6 — Mike Kuharske of Gravity Marketing LLC. Mike talks about how he founded Gravity Marketing and how they are building a brand that helps businesses with their marketing needs.

November 28 & 29 — Wayne Breitbarth of Power Formula.
Wayne is an expert on LinkedIn and talks about his new book and how it can help entrepreneurs use LinkedIn more effectively to market themselves and their business. Wayne would like to invite all Biz Connection listeners to his upcoming LinkedIn Extravaganza 2015. Use coupon code bizconnect for a 20% discount when you register. See flyer for dates/times and details.

November 21 & 22 — Matt and Michelle Mielke of Life Leadership.
Matt and Michelle tell us why they left their careers of pharmacist and pediatrician and began a new business in Life Leadership.

November 14 & 15 —Joyce Goulet - Chapter Chair of SCORE - South East Wisconsin.
Joyce tells us about mentoring services available through SCORE and how SCORE can help business start-ups and on-going businesses stay on track and take their business to the next level.

October 31 & November 1 — Jerry Baltus of Baltus Group - AdviCoach.
Jerry talks about steps business owners can take today to begin adding value to their business.

October 24 & 25 — Eric Ness of SBA - Small Business Administration-Milwaukee.
Eric discusses obtaining funds through SBA to help start or grow your business.

October 17 & 18 — Cassy Tully of Cassy Tully Fine Art Studio.
Cassy tells how she has grown her fine art and framing business through strategic partnerships.

October 10 & 11 — C.J. Brown III of Veterans Employment Alliance
C.J., a Vietnam Veteran tells us his story of building Veterans Employment Alliance. We also discuss the exclusive programs they have to help our Veterans land a career, not just a job!

October 3 & 4 — Brian Davis of Back Bottle and Fix It Sticks.
Brian is an inventor and entrepreneur. He tells us how he received funding for his business through Kickstarter.

September 26 & 27 — Daniel Sem, PhD, MBA, JD — Dean & Professor of Business at Concordia University.
Daniel talks about the business education programs available at Concordia University and his experience with venture capitalists and angel seed investors.

September 19 & 20 — Todd Neils and John Mueller of Bank First National
Todd and John explain Small Business lending and the requirements to successfully secure a loan to start or expand your business.

September 12 & 13 — Margaret Wittkopp & Jeremy Burri of Veritas Financial Services. Margaret & Jeremy discuss investment strategies to help manage and prosper during a "roller coaster" stock market!

September 5 & 6 — Tom Palzewicz of Action Coach.
Tom discusses his experience as a business coach and shares expert advice to help build and take your business to the next level.

August 29 & 30 — Karen Young of Tip Top Shoe Gear.
After incurring a disability that ended her career in banking, Karen made lemonade with the lemons that life served up and started Tip Top Shoe Gear by inventing shoe inserts that keep dress shoes looking brand new much longer. Being a shoe connoisseur herself, she wanted her shoes to always look like they were brand new. She is a SCORE client and has a patent pending on her invention. She received a start-up grant from the State of Wisconsin.

August 22 & 23 — Patrick Riley of New Horizons Computer Learning Centers.
Patrick owns 3 New Horizons Computer Learning Centers in Appleton, Milwaukee and Madison. He talks about their unique market niche. They are very tuned into who their clients are and they know how to fill up 5000 classes per year with IT specialists and small business owners.

August 15 & 16 — John Ewert of Road America.
John talks about the business of NASCAR racing as Road America celebrates their 60th Anniversary.

August 8 & 9 — Chad Albrecht, President/CEO of Centare.
We talk with Chad about how he built his custom software company to over 100 employees and the challenges he faced.

August 1 & 2 — Fay Uraynar of Innovative Solutions
We talk with Fay about her accounting/technology business and learn how she helps businesses grow and prosper.

July 25 & 26 — Rebekah Hintzman of RUFF Academy - Real Life Training for Dogs.
Rebekah tells us how she turned her passion for dogs into her business!

July 18 & 19 —Dave Spencer & Michelle Yahr of Modern Business Machines
MBM is celebrating a milestone anniversary in business. Dave and Michelle will discuss the strategies they have used to make their business successful!

July 11 & 12 — Kathryn Weber of Strategic Solutions
Kathryn discusses how she helps businesses achieve success by managing their most important asset . . . their people!

July 4 & 5 — Udo Misch of Neo Cloud Marketing
Udo will tell us about his journey starting Neo Cloud Marketing and give us some great advice to help market your business.

June 27 & 28 — Tony Busch of Priora Cash Flow Management
Tony tells us about his latest tools to help business owners to better plan and manage their cash flow.

June 20 & 21 — Daphne Jones of Glorious Malone's
Daphne talks about how she acquired her parents' business and transitioned to business owner.

June 13 & 14 — Barb Emerson of Bee Line Design
Barb discusses how she built her business around helping small business owners navigate the world of online advertising using websites, email blasts, search engine optimization, and other marketing techniques.

June 6 & 7 — Wendell Strutz of Strutz Financial
Wendell discusses how he has built his accounting practice around helping small businesses achieve success.

May 30 & 31 — Margaret Wittkopp and Jeremy Buri of Veritas Financial Services
Margaret and Jeremy will help us understand the world of investing.

May 23 & 24 —Patrick Van Abel of Badger Sports Park
Pat tells us about his leadership journey in creating Badger Sports Park in Appleton.

May 16 & 17 —Kerry Henning of Henning's Cheese
Kerry tells us about the family owned business now celebrating their 100th Anniversary!

May 9 & 10 —Dr. Grace Hameister of Sain Rx Longevity Institute
Dr. Grace will tell us about her business journey from Wisconsin to Los Angeles and back to Wisconsin.

May 2 & 3 — Tim Syth of Lush Production
Tim discusses his business which evolves around the evolution of work in the information age.

April 25 & 26 — Kelcey Kalumbula of Cloud 9 Workshop
Kelcey tells us about her journey starting Cloud 9 Workshop — Art Experiences for All, Big and Small

April 18 & 19 — Todd Neils of Bank First National
Todd explains Small Business lending and the requirements to successfully secure a loan to start or expand your business.

April 11 & 12 — Bob Burg of Burg Communications - Author of The Go-Giver
Bob will explain The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success.

April 4 & 5 — Grant Pauly of 3 Sheeps Brewing Company
Grant tells us the story of how he built 3 Sheeps Brewing!

March 28 & 29 — James Silbernagel of The Silbernagel Group Inc.
James describes the hurdles he has overcome creating his wealth building formula and business.

March 21 & 22 — Mollie Bartelt and Ann Matuszak of Pixologie
Mollie and Ann tell us how and why they founded Pixologie, a business which brings old photos back to life.

March 14 & 15 — Chris Jacke - Former Place Kicker for the Green Bay Packers and founder of Player Alumni Resources
Chris tells us about his transition from the NFL to owning his own business!

March 7 & March 8 — Anna Lardinois of Gothic Milwaukee
Anna describes how she began her business touring "haunted" locations in Milwaukee!

February 21 & February 22 — Justin Kiel & Nate Lenz of Factotum
Factotum was recently featured in Insight Magazine. Justin and Nate tell us how they built a business by recycling used pallets and making furniture out of them.

February 14 & February 15 — Oscar Boldt of Boldt Corporation
We will learn about the founding of Boldt Corporation and how they have grown as they are now celebrating their 125th anniversary in business!

February 7 & February 8 — CJ & Jim Wirching-Neuser of Vines to Cellar
We learn how CJ & Jim started their successful wine business.

January 31 & February 1 — Dave Maaske, Chapter Chair of the S.E. Wisconsin SCORE chapter.
Dave discusses Governor Walker's new business plan initiative. Businesses submit their business plan for review to win grant money to fund their business.

January 24 & 25 — George Garett & Theresa Zimmermann of Future Focus Group
George & Theresa discuss leadership and employee engagement and their book Evolved . . .Engaging people, Enhancing success

January 17 & 18 — Lori Zindl of OS-Healthcare
Lori discusses how she has built OS-Healthcare to be rated one of the top workplaces in Southeast Wisconsin.

January 10 & 11 — Juliet Kosarzycki — Yellow Zone International
Juliet will discuss her journey in business as a "soloprenuer" and how she built her business to include clients from overseas!

January 3 & 4 — We will re-air Willie Davis, Green Bay Packer great and NFL Hall of Famer.
Willie will tell his story of how football and Vince Lombardi taught him the skills which helped him become a successful entrepreneur!

December 27 & 28 — Jonni Hegenderfer — JSH&A Communications
Jonni discusses how she and her partner built JSH&A Communications into a public relations powerhouse.

December 20 & 21 — Dan Duhig & Todd Marescalco — Investment Fee Solutions
Dan & Todd discuss how they built Investment Fee Solutions from the ground up and how using their investment model can save you money and increase your investment return.

December 13 & 14 — Anne Ertel-Sawasky — VR Lakes Investment Group
Ann discusses how you can position your business for a premium purchase price when it comes time to sell.

December 6 & 7 — Mara Henningsen, VP of Client Programs and Services of Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative
Mara discusses growing opportunities for women as entrepreneurs.

November 29 — Ken Yancey from SCORE National (Washington DC) and Don Reynolds, past Chapter Chair (President) of the Southeast SCORE Chapter (Milwaukee).
Ken and Don talk about SCORE's beginning and how it has evolved to celebrating 50 years this month. They also discuss how to become a mentor and how mentors help business owners.

November 22 — Krista Galbraith of K & S Manufacturing, Inc.
Krista took over K & S Manufacturing from her father. She'll discuss how she manages K & S while raising a family and working another part-time job. She put a great management team together, which is key to her success.

November 15 — Perry Zukowski of FranNet of Wisconsin
If you've ever wondered if a franchise business is right for you or if you just want to understand how a franchise works, tune in this week to The Biz Connection. Perry will answer all your questions!

November 1 & 8 — Tune in for our special show this week as Jim and Ron celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of The Biz Connection! They will give out business tips and answer frequently asked questions from listeners. You don't want to miss this one!

October 25 — Cory Bouck, Author, Lens of Leadership -
Whether you are an experienced leader, a first-time leader, or an aspiring future leader, The Lens of Leadership will help you deliver better results, get promoted faster, and inspire those around you.

October 18 — Wyman Winston, CEO of Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA)
Wyman will discuss financing options for businesses and entrepreneurs.

October 11 — Margaret Wittkopp and Jeremy Buri of Veritas Financial Services
Margaret and Jeremy will educate us on the science behind a successful investment strategy.

October 4 — Laura Sauermilch of Innovative EHS Solutions
Laura discusses what motivated her to become an entreprenuer and tactics she has used to get her business off the ground.

September 27 — Willie Davis, Green Bay Packer great and NFL Hall of Famer.
Willie will tell his story of how football and Vince Lombardi taught him the skills which helped him become a successful entrepreneur!

September 20 —Jay Klein of Armstrong Apples & Winery LLC
Jay discusses his success in the apple orchard business for 23 years and how and why he recently expanded his business to include a winery.

September 13 — Liz Kaiser, company spokesperson for Winter, Kloman, Moter & Repp, S.C. (CPA firm)
Liz will discuss frequently asked questions and what should be considered by business start-ups and businesses at any stage.

September 6 — Dan Steininger of Biz Starts
Biz Starts helps entrepreneurs get the capital funding needed to launch and grow their business.

August 30 — Dr. Sylvestra Ramirez PT, DPT, MWH, CEAS of Physical Therapy of Milwaukee
Dr. Ramirez tells us about the challenges she faced in building her Physical Therapy business and challenges facing her future.

August 23 — Chad Ritterbusch of The Ritterbusch Group
Chad tells us about his journey of building The Ritterbusch Group as they celebrate their 10th Anniversary in business.

August 16 — Tom Stanton of Mel's Pig Roast
Tom will tell the story of how he built his "great times for great causes" which contributed $72,000 to local causes in 2013

August 9 — Frank Medina of Frank Medina Insurance Agency, Inc.
We discuss how Frank started his own insurance agency and how he competes against large firms.

August 2 — Randall Hoth, President/CEO of the Better Business Bureau - Wisconsin
We discuss ethical business practices and accreditation with the BBB. We'll also talk about the upcoming ethical awards to be held May 2015.

July 26 — Jerry Baltus of Baltus Group - AdviCoach
Jerry discusses his new book The Final Act of Ownership

July 19 — Margaret Wittkopp of Veritas Financal Services
Margaret discusses the truths of investing in the stock market and how you can make your money work harder than you!

July 12 — Rob Bartz of The Cash Coupon
We will speak to Rob about his journey in making The Cash Coupon a success.

July 5 — Jeff Giffin of Masters Gallery Foods
We discuss how Masters Gallery Foods, founded by Leonard 'Butch' Gentine in 1974, became Wisconsin's Small Business of the Year in 2013.

June 28 — Jim Sartori, CEO of Sartori Foods
Jim will tell us how he and his family have built one of the most successful specialty cheese companies.

June 21 — Steve Jaberg of Cedar Communities
Steve will discuss how Cedar Communities have built a successful business caring for the aging and elderly. We will also discuss their move into caring for older adults facing Alzheimer's disease and related dementia.

June 14 — Carol Roth -- Author/Speaker
Carol is an American radio host, television personality, bestselling author and investment banker. She was the host of WGN Radio's The Noon Show, and author of the New York Times bestselling book, The Entrepreneur Equation.

June 7 — Jason Engledow, Market President - Community Bank and Trust
Jason will discuss SBA lending and how a business can qualify for funding for your start-up or growth needs.

May 31 — Marie O'Brien of Enterforce
Marie O'Brien will discuss how she "backed" into a unique business model within the Staffing industry and has built a successful business with staffing consultants and professionals with clients such as Oshkosh Truck and Harley Davidson.

May 24 —Lt. Governor of Wisconsin Rebecca Kleefisch
The Lieutenant Governor will touch on multiple aspects of business in Wisconsin.  She'll be sharing her story of small business owner.  She'll speak in detail about the importance of intellectual property protection for Wisconsin's growing export trade, and she'll discuss the ever increasing role that technical colleges play in helping our state bridge the skills gap, so that people can attain the skills that employers are seeking.

Journal/Sentinel article about Intellectual Property Protection written by Lt. Governor Kleefish

A Vision for 21st Century Tech Colleges

May 17 — Gary Krause of EKG Concepts
Gary is a former nurse who started his own business. We will discuss Gary's journey as an entreprenuer.

May 10 — Tina Wick of Zipper Studios
Tina will discuss what she did to grow her business and pay off her start up loan within 3 years.

May 3 — Download
Jennifer Isley of Jennifer Isley Message Therapy Jennifer has been in business for 13 years and will be moving to Hawaii. She is in the process of selling her business. We will also discuss her journey of the past 13 years!

April 26 — Download
Ronald "Bud" Gayhart, Director of Center for Innovation and Business Development, UW-Whitewater
Bud will discuss all the services available through Center for Innovation and Business Development at UW-Whitewater.

April 19 — Download
Bob Travis of InkWorks LLC
We will discuss Bob's continuing journey to take InkWorks to the next level; his plans and innovations that will get them there!

April 12 — Download
Scott McMurray of 3 Guys and a Grill and 3 Guys and a Pizza Pie
Scott will discuss how he successfully owns and operates 2 restaurants.

March 29 — Download
Dr. Craig Morris of Advanced Spine Care
We will discuss the business aspect of Dr. Craig's Chiropractic office.

April 5 — Download
Mike Kertscher of Road America
Mike will be talking about the various businesses, including motorsports, that attract visitors to Road America.

March 29 — Download
Dr. Craig Morris of Advanced Spine Care
We will discuss the business aspect of Dr. Craig's Chiropractic office.

March 22 — Download
Dustin Turicik of IQ Brand Media.
IQ Brand Media has recently been named the Small Business of the Year by both the Plymouth and Elkhart Lake Chambers. Learn Dustin's secrets of building a successful business and the entrepreneurial gene that runs in Dustin's family!

March 15 — Download
Al Lautenslager, Guerrilla Maketing in 30 Days
Al, author and speaker, will talk about how Guerilla Marketing can help your business and about his new book coming out in August.

March 8 — Download
Jim Rosetti and Ron Nielsen with a lot of business tips. And Dave Maaske from SCORE.

March 1 — Download
Jackie Pottratz of Allechant Boutique. Jackie will discuss her unique business model and the things she has done to make Allechant Boutique the Small Business of the Year for the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce.

February 22 — Download
Pam Kachelmeir from Wholistic Counselor and Life Coach. Pam describes how she left her corporate career to fulfill her dream of becoming a life coach, specializing in equine therapy.

February 15 — Download
James Grunewald & Jason Irish from Dynamic. James and Jason partnered to build Dymanic from the ground up to become a major force in Social Media Marketing.

February 8 — Download
Ann Sawasky & Tim Bullard from VR Lakes Business Group. VR Lakes Business Group is a business brokerage that helps business owners market and sell their business. We will discuss buying a business, selling a business and how businesses are valued.

February 1 — Download
Dr. David Boll, owner and lead Athletic Performance Coach at Apex Athletic. Dr. Boll will share his thoughts on how he used his background and passion for athletes and training to start his business and grow to 2 locations in Sheboygan County.

January 25 — Download
Linda Gurath of Central Bark Doggie Daycare and Jerry Baltus of AdviCoach. Linda and Jerry will discuss the process they used to market the sale of Central Bark in Sheboygan to prospective buyers.

January 18 — Download
Craig Culver, Co-Founder and CEO of Culver's Restaurants and Scott Clark, owner of the Culver's in Plymouth, WI.

January 11 — Download
Kristen Bell Abell, Entrepreneurship Director at Lakeshore Technical College. Kristen will discuss the programs and services offered at LTC that can help entrepreneurs and business owners.

December 28 — Download
Rich Gaumer of Community Tax & Accounting of Wisconsin. Learn about Rich's new business model to provide tax and accounting services to a niche of clients that is not normally handled by local CPA's.

December 21 — Download
Neil Covaleski of Certa Pro Painters. Learn how Neil got into a franchised painting business and has built it to the point where he is expanding to another territory.

December 14 — Download
Margaret Wittkopp & Jeremy Burri of Veritas Financial Services.

December 7 — Download
Brian Dunton of Sign Me Up

November 2 — Download
Larschelby 'Schel' Kidd of V-NO Events/Discoveries Local Tours Schel will describe his unique business model and his journey to becoming an entrepreneur.