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The Biz Connection is a weekly radio show aimed at the business community. Owners of businesses, large and small and at all stages of their business life are guests on our show.

Upcoming Guests

August 18-19 - Our guest on this week's Biz Connection Radio Show is Amber Frymark of Chowventions Inc.

Amber visits with co-hosts Jim Rosetti and Ron Nielsen about how she transitioned from a career in the Air Force to founding Chowventions. Drawing on her love of the culinary arts, Amber discusses how she has put her entrepreneurial spirit to work to form the foundation for a "food invention" company that incorporates her dedication to animal welfare, nutrition, giving back to the community, environmental awareness, supporting the local economy and the U.S. military. Tune in to learn how Amber has successfully traded her military uniform for a culinary apron to create a Wisconsin-based food-artisan company that is truly one of a kind. 


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